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Architects offer a wide range of services. So just who needs an architect?


If you are looking to build any type of building an Architect should be involved the project. There are many benefits to having an Architect involved. You have a vision of what you want. Now you need to make that vision a reality. Here's how architects can assist you.

Architects See The Big Picture

Architects are educated to assist you in defining what you want to build, present options you might never have considered, and help you get the most for your valuable investment. They don't just design four walls and a roof -- they create total environments, both interiors and exteriors, that are functional and exciting places in which to work and live.

Architects Solve Problems

Architects can assist you through the maze of design options, building codes, zoning laws, contractors, and permitting requirements. The architect is the one professional who has the education, training, experience, and vision to guide you through the entire design and construction process, from helping you define what you want to build to helping you get the most for your construction dollar.

Architects Can Save You Money

Architect services are a wise investment for the money, not an added cost to your project because a well-conceived and designed project can be built more efficiently and economically and increase your property value. Architects avoid oversized rooms and wasted space and can help you select materials within your budget and at a fair price. Architects can reduce building costs, decrease your home's energy needs, and increase its future resale value through good design.

Architects Can Make Your Life Easier

Building is a long process that is often messy and disruptive. Your architect represents you, not the contractors. Your architect looks out for your interests and smoothes the process, helps find qualified construction contractors, and visits the worksite to help protect you against work that's not according to plan.